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CARB TRUCRS ReportingCARB TRUCRS Reporting image

Truck Regulations Upload and Compliance Reporting System (TRUCRS)

The California Air Resources Board (CARB)requires fleet owners to register and report their diesel-powered vehicles, those affected by the Truck and Bus Regulation.

Fleet owners must report through the Truck and Bus regulation reporting system online. Fleets are encouraged to report early, before the January 31st reporting deadlines.

2017 Reporting

The reporting period for 2017 compliance is not yet open. CARB will typically announce the open and closing reporting dates in December.

2016 Reporting

The reporting period for 2016 is now closed. Those who had opted-in to mileage based extensions must have reported end of year odometer readings and confirm whether continuing to use the same option or not.  By reporting, owners take advantage of certain flexibility options.  

The following is a list of the compliance options and reporting deadlines:

Compliance Option Reporting Deadline
NOx exempt area operation January 31 of any year
Low-use January 31 of any year
Low-Mileage Work Truck Option January 31 of any year

must report odometer reading and confirm selection before deadline.


Truck and Bus Reporting 2014Reporting Guide - The 2016 Online Reporting Guide will help fleet owners report online to meet the reporting requirements of the California Air Resources Board. Click on the link for instructions and changes.

Truck and Bus Reporting 2014Reporting Paper Forms - Click on the link for instructions on Reporting in 2016 with Paper Forms.


Online CARB TRUCRS Reporting Tool

Welcome to TRUCRS!

To learn more, attend one of the upcoming ARB training classes.

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