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Other Rules

Truck and Bus Regulation

CARB On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Regulation

The final Truck and Bus Regulation became effective in 2014 after the amendments were approved. This rule is a statewide measure developed to reduce California diesel emissions, including diesel particulate matter (PM) and other pollutants from diesel vehicles.

Truck and Bus Regulation Applicability

• On-road heavy-duty diesel vehicles over 14,000 GVWR
• Out-of state vehicles that enter into California
• Privately and federally owned trucks and buses that operate in California.
Examples: concrete mixer, dump truck, drill rig, water truck, tow truck)


Diesel trucks and buses with a GVWR that is 14,001+lbs must reduce exhaust emissions by meeting particulate matter (PM) filter requirements and upgrading to 2010 model year (MY) or newer engines.

Upcoming Deadlines

December 31, 2016

Owners using any of the following extensions below are required to meet a percent of total fleet compliance:
- Second truck in fleets following the Small Fleet provision must meet compliance requirements.
- Log truck provision must meet 40%
- NOx exempt must meet 55%
- Low-mileage construction truck must meet 80%

All light vehicles follwing the engine model year schedule with Engine Model Year 97 need a 2010 or newer model year engine.

Learn More

Visit the CARB link to the Truck & Bus Regulation Page or Truck Stop Page.
Truck stop and truck and bus reporting



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