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DCL Roadwarrior®

DCL’s CARB-verified DPF (brand name: ROADWARRIOR®) effectively removes diesel particles and diesel fumes from diesel engine exhaust emissions.

DCL's diesel particulate filters are used to retrofit diesel vehicles to meet EPA or CARB requirements for particulate reduction in diesel vehicles, or simply to improve air quality around diesel engines. A vehicle or engine fitted with a CARB-verified Roadwarrior diesel particulate filter will operate normally, using only the heat in the exhaust gas to continuously burn off particulates.

The Air Resources Board has verified the DCL Roadwarrior diesel particulate filter for use with certain on-road diesel vehicles.  The DCL Roadwarrior system reduces emissions of diesel particulate matter by at least 85 percent and is designated as a Level 3 Plus system.  The primary components of the system include a catalyzed flow-through filter, a catalyzed diesel particulate filter, a temperature and backpressure monitor, and a warning system.  The Roadwarrior system is compatible with on-road vehicles using diesel fuel that contains up to 20 percent biodiesel. 

Specifications for the DCL Roadwarrior
• CARB verification to Level 3+ (>85%) compliance for PM
• Covers a broad range of engine models 1994 to 2004
• Designed for diesel engines with 100-700 HP
• Exhaust temperature profile of 280° C for at least 30% of the time
• Heavy gauge stainless steel construction
• Replaces the OEM muffler in most vehicles and includes customized exhaust tube or pipe connections
• Cordierite wall flow filter media
• Removable end disks allow easy access for filter cleaning
• Backpressure monitor with operator indicator lights

DCL RoadwarriorHow it works? The catalytically-coated ceramic monolith contains long narrow channels open at one end and blocked at the other. The exhaust gas is forced to escape by passing through the filter walls, trapping particulate matter (soot) in the filter. At a high exhaust gas temperature, the soot particles burn away and transform into carbon dioxide. The filter also destroys carbon monoxide (CO) and diesel hydrocarbons (HC).



CARB Executive Order

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