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Donaldson LNF

Donaldson LNF imageThe Donaldson LNF diesel particulate filter (DPF) passive technology provides the highest tailpipe PM reduction available making it a popular choice for diesel retrofit programs. This retrofit emissions solution reduces diesel particulate matter emissions by over 90% and is effective at reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. However, passive DPFs are sensitive to exhaust temperature and minimums must be met to ensure consistent and reliable DPF regeneration.

Specifications for the Donaldson LNF
• CARB verified to Level 3+ (>85%) compliance for PM
• Covers a broad range of engine models 1993 to 2006
• Exhaust temperature profile with Weighted Average Temperature of at least 237° C; or greater than 235° C for at least 40% of the time; or greater than 300° C for at least 10% of the time
• Designed for diesel engines with 100-600 HP

Donaldson LNF second image The Donaldson LNF offers fleet owners a best-in-class DPF (diesel particulate filter) solution for vehicles with high enough duty cycle to allow a passive DPF.

The LNF Mufflers are reliable, provide substantial benefits in air quality, and require routine DPF substrate cleaning. The LNF consists of a pre-filter and DPF section along with inlet and outlet sections. Removable V-band clamps allow easy access to the DPF for annual substrate cleaning.

The LNF Muffler Kit includes an Emissions Device Monitor (EDM) that detects exhaust restriction created during vehicle operation. The monitor displays visual alerts to the vehicle operator to indicate when DPF cleaning is required or if the DPF experiences a high heat condition that could damage the DPF.

CARB Executive Order

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