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Donaldson SEF

The Donaldson SEF is a semi-active DPF system that is effective on a broad range of vehicle duty cycles and engines. Just connect to the automated DPF Regeneration Station overnight for routine DPF cleaning. The SEF is designed to reduce emissions from in-use diesel engines. Besides reducing diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions by at least 85%, the SEF is also effective at reducing hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.

The SEF incorporates an electric heater to periodically burn PM captured in the DPF. The EDM (emissions device monitor) informs the operator when DPF regeneration is needed. When connected via the junction box, a DPF Regeneration Station manages the regeneration cycle to ensure a safe and thorough burn.

Ideal for home-based fleets
• Semi-active DPF technology. Relies on an integrated electric heater to provide heat for DPF regeneration.
• Ideal for colder duty cycles: No specific minimum application temperature criteria.
• Time between DPF regens depends on engine certification level (soot output rate), duty cycle and maintenance level.
• DPF Regeneration Cycle: 4.5 hours for one vehicle; 7 hours for two vehicles.
• Broad on-road engine coverage (1991-2006 MY) EGR and non-EGR engines.
• Designed for engines with less than 2700 cfm exhaust flow and less than 400 HP.

The emissions device monitor (EDM) tells the operator when DPF regeneration is required. It also records and monitors DPF operating conditions.

Temperature and backpressure readings are continuously recorded to aid in analyzing vehicle operating trends and to support troubleshooting.

Find out if the Donaldson SEF is right for your equipment!

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