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ESW LongMile-SESW LongMile-S

The LongMile®-S is specifically designed to provide cost-effective diesel particulate (PM) reduction for in-use diesel engines operating in on-road vehicles. Features of the LongMile-S include:

  • CARB verification to Level 3+ (>85%) for PM
  • Various catalyst and DPF module sizes enable use on diesel engines from 4.2 to 15 liters
  • Applicable to a wide range of engine model years between 1993 and 2009, including many 2002-2006 EGR and Caterpillar ACERT engines
  • Low exhaust temperature requirement allows for broad application compared to other passive DPFs
  • Proven retrofit solution for school buses
  • Serviceable DPF module is compatible with most commercially available cleaning machines
  • Industry-leading advanced system monitoring, diagnostics and data retrieval
  • Eligible for local, state and federal funding programs

The LongMile-S is managed by ESW CleanTech’s proprietary MLC® which monitors system parameters. The MLC also logs the monitored parameters for later retrieval and analysis. ESW CleanTech uses only the highest quality materials, including all stainless steel construction, and a robust silicon carbide diesel particulate filter. This advanced, mature silicon carbide diesel particulate filter provides lower exhaust backpressure than a traditional wall-flow filter. For ease of installation, numerous inlet/outlet end cone configurations are available.

The modular design of the LongMile-S facilitates service and de-ashing of the diesel particulate filter. The reusable metal seal (i.e. no gaskets to replace!) and band clamp design enables quick turnaround for maximum uptime. The LongMile-S balances the mandate for cleaner air with the demanding requirements of real-world on-road diesel applications, and the desire to maximize the economic life cycle of your equipment, while avoiding costly replacement.


CARB Executive Order

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