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Nett BlueCat 300

Nett Technologies - BlueCat 300The Nett BlueCAT™ 300 emission control system is verified by ARB for retrofit on propane-fueled Large Spark Ignition (LSI) engines. These engines are typically used in forklifts, floor care machinery, aerial lifts, ground support equipment, and other industrial applications under the LSI-2 rule at 1.0 g/bhp-hr NOX+HC, Level 3A.

System Description
• The BlueCAT™300 system consists of a 3-way catalytic converter/muffler, and a digital air-fuel ratio controller. The entire system is designed for quick and easy installation.
• An oxygen sensor port is built into the converter/muffler.
• The self-diagnostic ECU (electronic control unit) comes complete with all wiring and connectors.
• Comprehensive instructions, refined by hundreds of installations, are included.

Excellent Noise Attenuation
The BlueCAT™ catalytic muffler matches or surpasses the noise attenuation performance of the original muffler.

Direct-Fit Design
All models are a direct-fit replacement for the original muffler. Installation time and labor costs are reduced to a minimum. Over 5000 muffler designs are available for virtually any application.

BlueCat™ 300 Control System

The BlueCAT™ 300 air-fuel ratio controller is a closed-loop system and includes a zirconium oxygen (O2) sensor, fuel system control solenoid and an ECU. The ECU receives a feedback signal from the O2 sensor and modulates the solenoid to maintain the engine A/F ratio at the stoichiometric point, thereby maximizing catalyst performance.

The fundamental reactions in a 3-way catalyst are between CO (carbon monoxide) and HC (hydrocarbons) on one side and NOx (oxides of nitrogen) on the other. To achieve high conversions of all three emissions simultaneously, the air/fuel ratio must be at the stoichiometric ratio. Simply, this means the amount of CO and HC are in proportion with the amount of NOx present in the exhaust – these gases combine to form water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

The BlueCAT™ 300 ECU is packaged in a rugged metal enclosure suitable for dash or engine compartment installation. Included on the control unit are self-diagnostic LED indicators which allow for monitoring of its operation. This feature provides a powerful tool for engine operators and service technicians, which minimizes the chances of system malfunction and/or the release of excessive emissions.


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