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CARB Reporting & Record Keeping

FleetCrew IQ - CARB Reporting and record-keeping requirements

Fleet owners are affected by CARB regulations and must install Verified Diesel Emission Control Systems (VDECS). However, they must also meet annual reporting and record-keeping requirements, in addition to various other requirements from retrofit manufacturers and installers.

Keeping up with all of these requirements can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Every piece of information must be recorded, organized and easily accessible for when the time comes to report to CARB or to respond to an audit.

Storing data in excel spreadsheets or other document types, creates room for file duplication and outdated versions, compromising the integrity of the data. Another challenge? Compiling an entire fleet list in a complete and accurate manner (hard to find engine tags, faded numbers on VIN labels, etc.). So once you have your fleet database established and complete, you want to ensure that it remains safely stored, neatly organized and structured, as well as easy to find!

Introducing IQ: Your Personal Vault

FleetCrew IQ is a software program that makes the compliance management process easier for our customers.

With IQ, customers have on-demand access to: fleet information, data logging and engine inspection results, commissioning and installation files, retrofit information, compliance records, dpf cleaning records, pm service records, plus all warranty and service records.

All of the information required by CARB is a critical part of your company’s data assets.

IQ serves as your personal vault to safeguard and protect your fleet's valuable information.

Click below to request CARB reporting and record-keeping assistance.




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