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Red Light Service


During the installation of your PM filter, a sensor is installed on your vehicle to measure backpressure and track any engine or PM filter problems, including soot and ash overload and other conditions. Data is continually recorded and can be downloaded with special diagnostics software for further analysis.

How can operator be alerted of these conditions?
PM Filter monitor lights The operator will notice a warning light on the LED light monitor system. The monitor system is usually located on the vehicle’s dashboard. For a quick reference on a specific PM filter device, you may download the troubleshooting guide available for each retrofit device at our Customer Training Terminal .

The warning lights are meant to alert the driver/operator of potential minor problems before they become major. Ignoring the warning light may result in a ruined PM filter, or worse, total engine failure.

FleetCrew assistance
In the event that further analysis or additional PM filter service support is required, our emission service technicians will assist you and guide you to download data, diagnose and troubleshoot.

If you do not have the proper diagnostic software to download the records, we will send you a diagnostic kit and remotely access it from our facility. By doing so, we will determine problem sources and next troubleshooting steps.

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